Ooklu.com – Influence Others & Be Influenced

Ooklu.comOoklu is a service that lets you ask questions and provide multiple-choice answers. Responses are collected in real time from people who are interested in giving you their insight.

The idea (and the most entertaining) part about ooklu is becoming pat of an online community, and giving out your opinions or influence to as many people as you want. A sort of web of knowledge is then created and updated minute by minute.

The way it all works means that people don’t have to type anything – community members simply click on bar graphs and see them change in real time. This is certainly more engaging than just typing in opinions that might be actual digressions.

We could say that Ooklu is a bit like blogging, then, but the difference lies in that fact that the provided questions and multiple choice answers make for a closed-loop process where feedback can be easily put forth and quickly interpreted. And unlike traditional question forums, Ooklu dispenses with the need to sift through responses that might not be relevant at all as results are presented by percentage

When all is said and done, people love not just to interact but to be an active part of any decision. Ooklu makes that process all the more dynamic, and – above all – very engaging to be begin with.

Ooklu.com In Their Own Words

“Ooklu allows you to get influence from your friends by asking a multiple choice question and collecting the results before making a decision. It also allows you to influence your friend decisions.”

Why Ooklu.com It Might Be A Killer

If we couple the inherent liking people have for venturing opinions and the way that can be (easily) done through Ooklu, it is clear the site has true potential.

Some Questions About Ooklu.com

How many answers can users choose from? Is there a minimum and maximum number? Ooklu.com