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OODesk.comOOdesk is a web-based virtual desktop solution that provides users with the ability to store files, create documents and listen to their music. OOdesk has its own online media player, word processor, spreadsheet program and even a photo storing application.

Those who don’t want to have to take their laptop with them everywhere they go would be well advised to check out OODesk which essentially replaces the need to have one specific desktop computer by turning any computer in your own virtual desktop. Access files from anywhere, edit them, save them, and then retrieve them from anywhere on the world and on any computer. In Their Own Words

“Reproduce the appearance and functionality of your own computer with all interactive functions and community tools of Web 2.0. Access your workspace anytime, configure, customize and share it from any computer, PDA, phone connected to the network.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Virtual desktop solutions would appear to be the way of the future as they allow people to take their desktop with them without requiring any hardware. OOdesk appears to be well-built and it should become an important player in this space.

Some Questions About

Will they be completing the translation of this site so that all parts are available in English? How much does this service cost?

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