oo5.WhatImInto.com – Micro Reviews On The Web

oo5.WhatImInto.comOut of Five is a new service that enables anybody to review things he likes such as movies and concerts in a micro-blogging fashion – IE, adhering to a specific limit of characters and keeping things as concise and right-to-the-point as he can.

The reviews, then, rarely exceed one line of text.

The one and only accompaniment is the rating which the user submits.

As far as the visualization of data is concerned, the main page lists the one items that have attracted the most attention, and the latest reviews are provided for you to have a good overall appreciation along with a suitable image (IE, a movie poster when it comes to current blockbusters, and so forth). The 5.0 ratings achieved so far are also showcased.

As you can see, the system as a whole is nothing but a development of the well-known Twitter formula, put to a specific task. If you think you can make a contribution to such an initiative, make a point of dropping by the site. The same applies if you are looking for fresh reviews that follow a concise formula.

oo5.WhatImInto.com In Their Own Words

“Peeps reviewing things through Twitter.”

Why oo5.WhatImInto.com It Might Be A Killer

It stands as a fresh take on the field of web-based critique and opinion, with an emphasis on keeping everything as fresh and dynamic as possible.

Some Questions About oo5.WhatImInto.com

How will the site promote itself in order to become as mainstream as possible? oo5.WhatImInto.com