Onzilist.com – Make Your Own Top 11 Lists

Onzilist.comOnzilist is a site where people can go to make their own top 11 list about anything. Users can either choose to create a new category or add their own two cents to a pre-existing category.

You can rank absolutely anything you can think of and can read how others have ranked their own categories. If you rank a pre-existing Onzilist, your ranking will automatically cause Onzi to draw up a new average thereby allowing the list to change as more people give their opinion. Think of it as a way to dynamically measure world opinion on anything from favorite fruit to stupidest war. There are currently about 100 Onzilists that you can add your opinion to but the site is growing all the time as new users add their own lists.

Onzilist.com In Their Own Words

“Onzilist the top 11 site of anything and everything you want. Create an onzilist of your own, re-rank existing onzilists, and expect others to rearrange yours. Once you rearrange an existing list an average is automatically drawn up between your new list and those of others who have onzied the same list. The more people onzi a list the closer it gets to representing a global average. So start adding lists and changing others, whether you are being serious or messing around, sit back and watch what happens.”

Why Onzilist.com It Might Be A Killer

If enough people use the site then this could become the place to go for garnering world opinion. The site could also be used by people looking for opinions on certain products before they make a purchase.

Some Questions About Onzilist.com

Will Onzilist be able to attract enough users to make the opinions held within useful? There may be too many other similar sites already for Onzilist to be able to differentiate itself and attract enough users. Onzilist.com