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OnTimeMobileApp.comOnTime aims to lead the way into the future of mobile calendars by offering something nobody else has offered before: a calendar that is actually powered by GPS. From a practical standpoint, this means that the application can intelligently keep track of all the meetings that you have to attend, as well as all the pending items on your to-do list.


And since OnTime actually creates a mobile link to your existing Outlook or Google calendar, having your data imported is as seamless and painless as it should be.

Besides, a series of plug-ins are already available for enabling the application to determine some data such as street addresses more easily.

If you have either an iPhone or a Blackberry then you can already get OnTime, and begin using it to the full. And Android phones are going to be supported at a later date, too, so if that is what you use then just sit back, read some Ann Rice and wait. In Their Own Words

OnTime – A Smarter Mobile Calendar for your Smart Phone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It adds a new element into the way calendars have always worked, and one that is far from insignificant: your actual location.

Some Questions About

Has this approach got any significant shortcomings?

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