Ontext.info – A Direct Publishing Platform

Ontext.infoA site that is available both in Russian and in English, Ontext will let those of you who find even Tumblr too complex post their very own content online. Just to give you an idea of how simple the whole platform is, to use Ontext you don’t even need to sign up beforehand.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to authenticate who you are via Facebook or Twitter. The site is entirely usable on the fly.

All you have to do is to type the name for the post that you are going to publish and then supply the text in question for it to become published and indexed by search engines.

Still, it is important to stress that you can implement some privacy features if that’s what you want. This is mainly accomplished by publishing content that is password-protected. In that particular case, the text won’t be indexed by search engines. It will remain invisible to them, and only the friends you share the password with will be able to see it.

A site like this one might be just a little too simplistic for its own good. Also, the English version leaves quite a bit to be desired in terms of translation. But the core service (IE, letting you create and post your own content) is efficiently provided. I guess that’s the only thing that should really matter, in the end.

Ontext.info In Their Own Words

“Instant publishing platform.”

Why Ontext.info It Might Be A Killer

It will let you have your own content posted online, make it visible to the ones you want only, and do it all in an extremely easy way.

Some Questions About Ontext.info

Will it be possible to post more than plain text in the future? Ontext.info