KillerStartups – A Blogging Platform Of Its Own

OnSugar.comSugar Inc. is a publisher of more than 15 different blogs that make up what internauts know as “The Sugar Network”.

Since they have had to handle so much information, the OnSugar team came up with a blogging platform of its own which now can be used in an inexpensive manner by anybody who wants to put up his very own blog.

Blogs which are created as per the OnSugar platform do come in with quite a share of interesting features. To begin with, the prospective blogger has access to a speedmarker tool which will enable him to come up with magazine-like spreads such as the ones which can be observed on the OnSugar blog titled “ShopStyle”. Further features include timed drafts and multi-page slideshows that ensure the blogging experience is more enjoyable for all concerned parties.

Since OnSugar is a partner of Getty images, bloggers that resort to the OnSugar solution will be able to use their photographs for free, effectively enabling them to blog the most recent trends and fashions.

The site also includes a section that goes by the name of “API” where documentation explaining how to integrate OnSugar with existing applications over standard HTTP requests is provided. In Their Own Words

“OnSugar features the best of Sugar Inc’s blogging platform. We added galleries and slideshows because they’re a huge success on PopSugar.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are looking for an alternative to WordPress that comes with a host of features will find it interesting.

Some Questions About

Does the OnSugar site allow you to use every single feature as seen on the Sugar Inc. blogs?

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