Onsip.com – Low Cost Hosted PBX

Onsip.comOnSip is a new Voip network designed by Junction Networks. Built completely without using third party software, OnSip’s platform and network are open—calls can be routed via SIP to any destination within or out of the network.

This on demand hosted PBX delivers free extension to extension calls, free internet calls, virtual office connectivity and easy setup with no new hardware to buy or install. OnSip works on a pay as you go basis and there are no per-user fees, which means companies can add and change users as they please. All features can be managed in a single dashboard. OnSip’s basic feature set includes an unlimited use conference bridge, phone numbers and ported numbers, voicemail to email, and free network calling. The enterprise edition features a dial by name directory, groups, announcements, business hours routing, click to call, external phone numbers, and ACD queues among other things.

Onsip.com In Their Own Words

“OnSIP is the next generation of hosted SIP based communications from Junction Networks, the business VoIP veterans. Based on feedback from many of our customers, the team at Junction Networks built OnSIP from the ground up with no reliance on proprietary third party software or licensed components. As a result, OnSIP is the leading open SIP platform for business.
The platform is a collection of communications services, all based on SIP, the defacto standard for VoIP. The service leverages the concept of SIP domain hosting. All accounts are created with a virtual SIP domain and call routing is entirely based on SIP addresses.”

Why Onsip.com It Might Be A Killer

OnSip offer businesses a no nonsense, on demand PBX system which requires no expensive hardware. It can save a company a hefty bundle of cash, which can be put to better use. There are no per user fees and workers are connected to the network even at home. It’s a more seamless connection without the high fees.

Some Questions About Onsip.com

How much does OnSip cost? How responsive is the customer service? How much maintenance does it require? Onsip.com