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Only2Clicks.comYes, all of your favorite websites are available to you with a few clicks in the favorites section of your browser already, but wouldn’t it be even more convenient if your homepage had icons of the 8 websites you most frequented and you could actually get a preview of the website screen? This could save you at least ten or twenty clicks a day depending on how much you use the internet which doesn’t sound like much, but thats 300 to 600 clicks a month, 3600 to 7200 clicks a year. It only takes a few seconds to sign up with Only2Clicks.

com and a few more to customize the page to your standards. There are a few tabs of different categories that you can surf through and you can change or label those categories whatever you want them to be labeled. In Their Own Words

“Take a closer look
Think of it as a speed dial to your most used web sites
If you like me, you might have hundreds of links stored in your browser’s bookmark, spread across multiple folders and categories, but you have only about a dozen of web sites that you frequently access in daily basis. Some of you the tech-savvy users might use other comprehensive start pages such as netvibes or iGoogle with gadgets and widgets, but some might just want something that a little bit simple… and I hope this is for you, as simple as only 2 clicks!

Create personalized links to most used web sites
Once you’ve created an account you’ll be able to add new favorite links into available category. Some may have been placed for you depending your country.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an extrememly convenient tool for those who need to surf many different sites to find what they are looking for. They layout is so simple, even your grandma could navigate through Only2Clicks.

Some Questions About

Only2Clicks has a few PPC Google Ads on the site and they also have quite a bit of traffic, will they be able to get enough clicks for the company to be lucrative?

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