– Personalized Webpage in Two Clicks

Only2Clicks.comOnly2clicks, a personalized startpage to aggregate all of your favorite websites, claims that their service is so easy to use, even your mom will love it. As we all know, Moms are a tough crowd to please, though Only2Clicks is just as simple as…two clicks.

Moms, even most trained chimps have the point and click power to use this incredibly useful web application. By creating links to all the pages you most frequently visit, you’ll be given a speed dial to all of your favorite places on the web. All of these links are saved onto your personalized homepage, and from there, you can organize them into designated tabs for even easier usage. In Their Own Words

Simple! Even your mom will love it
Perhaps this is the simplest yet useful web application to use, Have fun by creating link to your frequently visited web site in only 2 clicks
Speed dial to frequently visited web site everywhere you go
Your links are saved as a web page. They are not locked within your browser’s bookmark or favourite list. Think of it as a speed dial to your favorite web sites.
Set it as your Home Page
Organise your frequently visited web site in tabs, one for your social bookmarks one for online shops and one for work. Simply set it as your homepage and you are ready to jump into your favourite links in only 2 clicks.

Why It Might Be A Killer

I guess the “edge” of Only2Clicks is that it’s a start up page for “Moms.” I assume they’re not trying to be offensive in the sense, but as we all know, the new web isn’t always Baby Boomer friendly. This no-fuss start up page could be a great alternative for those who don’t really want to deal with an overwhelming Netvibes account, with feeds and widgets, because what are those, anyway?

Some Questions About

I am not completely sure this startup can survive with such a minimal UI. Could they add a directory of modules that you can put on your homepage, News and weather feeds, search boxes, etc.? Will they be able to compete with Googles new personalized homepage, Netvibes, and others like it?