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OnlineLife.comOnline Life is an avatar community. Like other avatar communities, Online Life allows members to create and customize their own avatar.

However, there are several things that make Online Life stand apart from the rest.

First of all, the provided avatar editor makes for a bigger degree of customization, including the novel ability to move items around the avatar canvas. Items can be layered up and down, or placed at will anywhere in the canvas. Secondly, Online Life gives members the ability to create custom rooms, and other members can enter these rooms when they visit a profile, or by following a thread. In fact, each forum at Online Life is designed to be a building, where the rooms are meant to be located. Thirdly, this avatar community enables its members to create and sell their own created avatar or room items to other members in exchange for gOLd, the virtual currency used at Online Life. Members can set any item’s price, and open up their own store.

Online Life relies on an advanced self-moderation mechanism whereby members moderate themselves, based on a complex system of thread and post ratings that does not require the presence or need for site staff. This has led to a community that is self-reliant and vibrant.

Online Life also makes for the customization of member profiles, gives members a space for blogs, has a custom wiki that serves as a site Wiki, and allows members to challenge each other to arcade games or online multiplayer chess. There is also the ability to make other members friends on the site, which can be used as a privacy filter for access to profile and blog comments.

All in all, Online Life provides users with a very interesting virtual world to explore and meet new friends in. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Online Life, a new Avatar Community & Chat Forums where you can create your own custom avatar, custom room and custom profile, and chat in real-time in our unique community forums. You earn gOLd by posting on the forums, referring friends, creating and selling virtual avatar or room items in your own online store, and getting a high score or challenging other members to free arcade games or multiplayer chess.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Online Life has a unique custom avatar and room editor, allows for member-generated items to be sold to other members for virtual currency, and has a complex self-moderating chat forum community that appears to be working well that requires no staff moderation. On top of that, it also allows members to interact with each other through arcade challenges, multiplayer chess games and friendship requests.

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