OnlineGym4me – Hit The Gym Anytime, Anywhere

One of the biggest challenges of staying fit is keeping a good routine. Bad weather prevents you from making it to the gym. Work runs late and you miss your pilates class. You go on vacation and can’t convince your instructor to travel along in your suitcase… It’s so easy to miss a workout and let the pounds creep back on.


Let nothing stand in the way of your exercise! As you might well have been aware, there are tons of educational courses online to flex your mind. Now, you can also treat your body right, when it’s most convenient for you.


OnlineGym4me is an online platform that lets you stay active through live and recorded classes of your choosing. You can turn any space where you have an Internet connection – your home, office, hotel room – into your own private gym.


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With OnlineGym4me, you can workout anytime, anywhere. You pick the classes you most enjoy, and you can attend the classes of your favorite professional sports trainers and instructors as often as you like.


If you opt for a yearly membership (as opposed to either a monthly or three-month plan, also good deals), unlimited classes will run you just under five and a half bucks a month. That’s a steal compared to traditional gym memberships, plus – the gym is yours alone and always open.


I love yoga, but a series of moves to new cities and changing work schedules has made it impossible for me to stick with a class. OnlineGym4me makes it much easier for folk like me to maintain exercise routines, since you can set your schedule and select the classes that best fit with personal fitness goals.


OnlineGym4me offers over 120 new classes each month – general training, yoga, and pilates. This gives everyone plenty of options to find fresh and invigorating classes. Yes, it is possible to stay excited about exercising. What’s more, if you find a program you really love, you have the ability to play the recoding again.


Fitness is anything but a one size fits all discipline. OnlineGym4me provides gym access that fits modern needs – online, on demand, and on the go. No matter if you want to lose a few pounds or keep mind and body relaxed through stretching, find the workouts you crave at Yoga on the beach, midwinter? Count me in.


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