Online Scavenger Hunts – A New Era in Online Marketing

Online Scavenger HuntsThe premise of eScavengers operates around the fact that it is a real-time competition. Just about every other night there is something called an “Adventure” You are presented with various web pages during each adventure, along with clues based on the content. Like a scavenger hunt, you follow the clues and find their corresponding text, image, or picture on the site, and click on it. Wrong answers yield a 3-second penalty, and correct answers move you on.

Since everyone competes at the same time, once you finish you get a report of the results. The first person to complete each adventure wins the grand prize. Almost all the prizes are worth over $100, and there are all kinds of categories of adventures. Everyone who competes, whether they win or lose, receives “Doubloons,” which you can trade in for things at “Treasure Island.”

It is the real-time competition aspect of the site that makes it so attractive, you actually have a chance to win based on your skill and speed.

Online Scavenger Hunts In Their Own Words

eScavengers develops online scavenger hunts where consumers compete in “Adventures” based on their interests. They diligently search business sponsored web pages for a bit of text, a number, or a graphic to answer Clues, racing each other in real time, competing to win a coveted “Reward.”

As consumers navigate through an Adventure, they are exposed and educated on targeted products and services. Adventure data is then collected and compiled into electronic reports and delivered on-demand.

eScavengers is a resource partner that provides detailed consumer information and metrics. By targeting specific marketing objectives, eScavengers provide business partners with immediate and measurable results.

Benefits Include:

– Comprehensive daily metrics

– Extremely fast development

– Highly flexible and scalable

– Low cost of entry

– Gateway to a growing community

– Sticks users to the page

– Drives specific behavior

Why Online Scavenger Hunts It Might Be A Killer

There is nothing like it on the web today.


In late August is launching an update that will allow users to play Adventures anytime. Online Scavenger Hunts