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Stop Paying Thousands Of Dollars For Online Business Reputation Management

Today’s Killer Startup: SiteJabber for Business





Elevator Pitch:

SiteJabber for Business is a reputation management platform that lets companies take control of their online reputation, affordably.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Online reputation management for businesses can be a serious problem. All it takes is one bad review or one person attacking you on one of the more disreputable sites to totally take down a small business. However, most reputation management sites for businesses charge as much as $100,000 per year to help companies manage their image online.


But not SiteJabber for Business. The site originally started as a review site of business, but, with the launch of their new module, they’re aiming to help the business owners themselves. They’re offering unlimited review collection, unlimited public and private responses to reviews, a top-ranking review page, trust seals and review widgets, and 24-hour support. Basically, if you’re a company that needs some help building or repairing your online reputation – and you don’t have the major cash other companies are asking for – it’s time to turn to SiteJabber for Business.


“Reputation management has traditionally been unfair to both businesses and consumers: businesses are forced to pay up to $100,000 per year to review platforms, while consumers cannot tell whether a business is good or simply has paid a lot of money to manage its reputation,” said Jeremy Gin, CEO of SiteJabber. “SiteJabber for Business is a direct response to businesses that want to manage their brands but — rightly — do not feel they should have to pay for it, and to consumers who rightly feel that they deserve the best possible information.”


Sounds like an impressively ethical review site to me. So if you’re down for honest reviews and you’re a company that needs a little boost, head over to SiteJabber for Business, and get started building up your online reputation!



Stop paying tens of thousands of $$ for crap online reviews. @sitejabber will do it for FREE!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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