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How Many Tools Does It Take To Proof Your Work? Just One – PageProof

Has working with your team and collecting feedback become a chore?


One person sends emails, one person sends comments using an application that others can’t use, no one is sure if Rebecca’s approval is final or which version of the document she’s referring to… Collaboration can be one messy process these days.


PageProof simplifies collaboration by allowing anyone to proof and approve files with ease.


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For starters, PageProof doesn’t require any additional software downloads or plug-ins, only a modern browser. Let that sink in blissfully for a moment. All anyone involved in reviewing work needs is an open browser. Drag a file – document, artwork, contract, strategic plan, presentation, etc. – into PageProof, and everyone is business.


Based in the cloud, PageProof allows real-time commenting. Workflow and messages stay in one place to avoid any confusion. Clear communication, of course, leads to fewer feedback cycles and greater productivity (not to mention, a lot less frustration and greater work satisfaction).


The same clarity found with requests for changes applies to signing-off approval. (Watch the video below to see this slick feature in action.) If Page Proof seems simple, that’s because it is. Since there’s no need for other tools, and the design is gracefully minimalistic, collaborators can concentrate on the actual proofing.



Many of us employ one of two security strategies when we work together online. We either tell ourselves that we’re safe and do absolutely nothing, or we pull out all the stops with passwords and redundant systems that prove at least as cumbersome as they do useful. With PageProof, teams have the luxury of continuing with the do-nothing approach while enjoying the tremendous advantage of having work automatically encrypted. The system is completely secure – even from nonchalance – which is easy to appreciate.


In case it was missed earlier, it’s worth drawing attention again to the fact that PageProof functions the same regardless of the file type being worked on. This convenient aspect of the tool spares people from needing to learn (or buy!) different applications for different projects.


So, if you’d like to simplify online proofing and collaborate more efficiently and securely, have a look at PageProof. It’s free to use on any one file every 48 hrs, with unlimited commenting and one saved workflow. Select a premium or business plan to meet the needs of your team. Learn more at


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