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Oneswirl.comOneSwirl allows you to manage your entire cyber life from one webpage. This lifestream aggregator service allows you to put all of your activities in one place making it easy for people to follow you.

To get started, you simply provide your username to the different services that OneSwirl integrates with and they will be updated every 15-minutes on your page and RSS feed. Currently supported sites include: Flickr, Google Photos, Netflix, YouTube,, Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce,, and College Humor. Signing up for OneSwirl allows other members to follow you from one page instead of having to check each individual page that you subscribe to. In Their Own Words

OneSwirl is a “lifestream aggregator”, giving you the ability to put all of your activities (well, only on the Internet) in one place, for people to easily follow you. After creating an account, you provide your username (or in some cases, user ID) to the different services that we integrate with. We check for updates across all accounts every 15 minutes, and post them to both your page and RSS feed.

Why It Might Be A Killer

So called “lifestream aggregators” are becoming increasingly popular as people’s online lives become increasingly complex. There is definitely high demand for a service like OneSwirl that saves people time by allowing them to manage their life from one page.

Some Questions About

While there is a demand for this type of service, there are a large number of competitors out there offering more or less the same thing. Does OneSwirl have what it takes to survive in this very crowded space?