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OnePlusYou.comOnePlusYou is a completely free dating site that allows you to find the love of your life without ever having to pay a dime. The site comes complete with singles forums where singles can go to discuss a wide variety of issues, singles chat rooms for finding the ideal match and wooing them over, and searching and matching features.

The creatora of the site state that they don’t believe in computerized matching and for that reason they have built in a robust search feature that allows you to filter your search to include the traits that are most important to you. Dating sites are only as good as the number of singles in their database, and OnePlusYou has a high number of singles looking to find the love of their life. In Their Own Words

“Find someone as awesome as you are – and you won’t have to fork over a single penny to do it. OnePlusYou is a 100% free dating site and signing up takes less than a minute.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Most dating sites make you pay at some point in the process and the fact that OnePlusYou is entirely free should allow this site to become ever more successful. There are already thousands of members making this a site that provides you with good odds of finding a significant other.

Some Questions About

Will they be expanding outside of North America to help singles around the world find a match?