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Onepagerapp.comOnepager is a solution for small businesses who are just beginning their activity and can’t yet pay a designer to create their webpage. The most difficult part of establishing yourself with a new business is how to start, because all the expenses you must pay without yet having enough income. This is a vicious circle that is often hard to break, and may drive to failure good ideas and promising businesses.


Tools like Onepager are great for giving that help for those who want to have a web presence (an aspect important enough for any business these days) without paying extremely high amounts to professional designers. It is likely that if you are in the first stages of developing your new business, you won’t need the most modern tools for your website.

Onepager offers two rate plans which are convenient for almost everyone. You can pay a monthly rate of $10 or a one-year subscription of $96 (or $8 a month).

You will access great features that are enough to give a professional look to your site and thus, to your business. The site builder is very easy to use and is focused on simplicity so that anyone can handle it. One of the main aspects of having a webpage is getting a high ranking in search engine results. This is done automatically by Onepager’s platform so that you don’t have nothing to worry about.

As for the domains of your site, with Onepager you will be able to personalize your domain name by purchasing a custom one, or using one you already own. If you’d rather not buy a domain for the time being, Onepager supplies one of their own for you to choose.

Also, a whole set of analytics tools are included in the service, for you to know about your visitors’ behavior. If you are a lot on the road, Onepager is mobile friendly and lets you manage it through your smart phone without a problem. In Their Own Words

We’ve made it easy to build a great business website.

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Is the service equally useful for personal webpages from artists, journalists, or others who want to have a personal website?


Author : Charly Zaks

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