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OnePageLove.comOne Page Love is a site dedicated to bringing the best and most creative website designs to the general public. Screenshots of the websites are listed on the homepage, along with the category that the site belongs to.

This site serves as both an inspiration and as a resource for website builders and designers. It also is an entertaining and fun site for curious users to browse, getting a sense for what the hottest web designs are like. Users can upload their own favorite websites to One Page Love, following a few basic rules, of course. Users also can easily link to this site, spreading the word and helping it grow. In Their Own Words

“One Page Love showcases the best one page website designs on the internet. Be they portfolios, online applications or even temp pages collecting email addresses for a launch, these designs aim to provide the user with enough information in a single page to make a decision and act upon it. This website also serves as a resource for web designers looking to build smart little websites. You can browse by category or by tag to find websites similar to your clients needs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Many of the sites listed do indeed have catchy and innovative web designs. However the website itself is very basic, and does not offer features that users expect, such as categorized sites having more than just the “general” category header. The site could use some more development.

Some Questions About

What can be done to organize the posted sites based on category? How can tags be more thoroughly organized? What additional information can be added to the various posts?