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OneJuicer.comOneJuicer is a website that serves a specific function, namely letting you know whenever an iPhone app that interests you sees the light of the day. This system is implemented in a very direct way, too – you have to provide a few keywords that reflect your interests and predilections, and furnish contact information.

Once this has been dealt with, you will be automatically informed when an appropriate app surfaces at the iTunes store.

Such a service benefits not only iPhone users who want to keep fully abreast of the most recent developments without having to check manually, but also iPhone app developers. The latter are provided ready access to the most recent news as well as a glance into what the competition is up to. Furthermore, they can realize which areas are still left unattended and act in consequence.

In finishing, this service is very well-suited to every individual who has an interest on iPhones, be it as regards personal usage or the development of new products. If you fall into either category, a visit to the site is a good bet. In Their Own Words

“One Juicer notifies you of the latest iPhone Apps based on your choice of keywords via email.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical service that is provided in a concise and straightforward manner, accommodating the needs of both individual users and developers.

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How many keywords can you include per search?