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oneID Has Created An Internet Without Passwords

Today’s KillerStartup: oneID


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Elevator Pitch:

oneID is a free, secure, and simple way to store all of your passwords and information online.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I probably forget a password at least once a day. I used to be really bad and used the same password for everything, but then I became a tech writer and realized just how stupid that is. The only problem is that I can’t ever remember which complicated combination of capital and lowercase letters and numbers and weird words I’ve chosen for each of my many, many accounts.


Oh what I wouldn’t do for an internet without passwords!


Luckily, I stumbled upon oneID recently. The service offers to store all of your password and personal info, and makes it available to you — and only you — with just one click. No more remembering passwords or searching frantically for your credit card info. It’s all there, ready and waiting for when you need it.


If you’re worried about security — and you should be — oneID has that covered to. Instead of easily cracked (and easily forgotten) passwords and user IDs, oneID uses data that’s encrypted specifically for your devices. That means that no one can access your oneID account unless they’re requesting it from one of your devices.


(So, you know, make sure that those have good, secure passwords too.)


oneID also gives users the options of adding a PIN, although they caution that they can’t retrieve it for you if you forget it, because they don’t have access to any of your information.


As we move more and more of our lives online, thieves are figuring out faster and better ways to steal everything from our personal information to our money. oneID protects you from those cyber thieves while simultaneously protecting you from your own terrible memory, ensuring that you — and only you — can always access your accounts.



Are you ready for an internet without passwords?? WE ARE! @oneID


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Author : Emma McGowan

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