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OneFeat.comGames that are played using your iPhone to take photos and prove where you’ve been and what you’ve done are nothing new. Take a look at Wander, for example. Or GameMaki. These let you challenge all of your friends, and the only way in which they’ll prove they’ve completed a mission is by taking a quick snap with their mobiles. And now, OneFeat is revising the concept for good.


In general, OneFeat lets you create and accept missions from all over the world, and build a profile as you go along. Missions all have a difficultly level each, and they’re mostly on the zany side. Yet, they’d never pose a threat to your health or anything like that.

So, typical missions featured on this site include finding the most bizarre birthday cakes that money can buy, hanging out with farm animals, and (my favorite) getting bored on a roller coaster. I mean, imagine just the pictures that could go with that.

And you’ll be making new friends while doing so. As a user of OneFeat, you’re allowed to interact with every other person who’s on the service. You can view them profiles, check their photos, message them…

The OneFeat application is available at no cost, both for iOS and for Android. In Their Own Words

Onefeat is a social game that turns your whole life into a game.

Onefeat users create missions – hug your grandma, jump in a pool, grow a moustache – anybody in the world can achieve while uploading pictures.

The more missions you do, the more points and trophies you get.

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Where can you read a list of what can and can’t be posted as a challenge?

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