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OneDayCities.comThe One Day Cities website offers city guides that have a common denominator: they list activities that are meant to be done on one day only, hence the title of the site. The idea is certainly interesting, although it won’t suit just everybody.


Personally, I think that the site lends itself both to people who are traveling someplace and to locals who feel like doing something new but just can’t afford a ticket to anywhere. The latter group in particular could benefit from something like this, and the younger the users then the more practical this discovery tool can turn out to be. We are talking about people who might not have the resources to go far away, and who are really looking for something entertaining to do.

The One Day Cities website is in English, Spanish and Italian. Cities are being actively added, and you can always see a list of the ones that are to be added soon. Of course, you can place a request if you are particularly interested in this or that city to be featured. In Their Own Words

“ is a page where you will find information to make the most out of a day in: barcelona, marsa alam or mykonos… A different day, an special day. A day where you will have time to do what you like …”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are keen on different ways to enjoy these cities they plan to visit will find this compelling.

Some Questions About

How many new guides are added per week?

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