– Get Bang for your Dollar

OneBuckWiki.comCreators of the brings you the new OneBuckWiki where you can buy pages at only one dollar for a Limited Time.

The One Buck Wiki is a community of entrepreneurs, web marketers, and normal people who want to promote their businesses online and benefit from the collective traffic that’s generated by other page-owners and this site’s viral marketing. Join and benefit from being part of a community that works as a team to bring traffic and promotions. You can buy a page for only 1 dollar where you can promote your blog, e-store, or any other website. The page(s) you buy will solely have your content and no one else’s. In Their Own Words

“Once you own a Page, you control the content of the Page and own it permanently for the “lifetime” of this site guaranteed for at least 15 years.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

After every 1000 pages that are bought, price of each Page will increase in value. That mean if you bought 20 Pages today, value of your pages will be at least 10 times the original value when they have sold 1000 pages. So if you buy pages now, you will benefit from investing early in the OBW. You are free to re-sell your pages at your price at any time.

Some Questions About

Is this site reliable? Will people trust them?