OneAvenue.Tv Puts Fans’ Love For Music Artists On Center Stage

I come from a family prone to musical obsessions. My brother would drive me insane playing Def Leopard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me over and over again. I have more than payed him back (and everyone near me) with a long-running love for Bruce Springsteen. My younger sister followed behind us with One Direction fandom that bordered on worship… and my family is hardly alone.


Pearl Jam, another band I’ve followed for over 20 years now, is well known for its adoring fans. They’ve earned their audience by making all of their performances available on CD, reserving a generous amount of the best concert tickets for fan club members, and doling out other musical treats to reward faithful listeners. They make it easy to follow and consume their work. Artists should take notice – it pays to respond to fans’ wishes.


OneAvenue.Tv represents another level of bringing fans and musical artists closer.




OneAvenue.Tv is a platform and mobile app that “…gives fans a personalized 360º experience of artists’ social, music, videos, live streaming, and tickets in one place…” Forget about looking at artists’ sites for some news, then jumping over to Twitter, dashing to YouTube, then making a beeline for TicketMaster. OneAvenue.Tv delivers all the goods related to your favorite artists in one convenient location.


The startup’s proprietary Networked Discovery™ includes exclusive writing, interviews and other content by the editorial team behind the company. If you’re a fan, OneAvenue.Tv simply makes it easier than ever to discover everything from digital content to merchandise from your favorite performers.


If you’re an artist – especially if you’re an emerging artist and looking to connect with your fanbase – OneAvenue.Tv does a lot of the hard work for you. It collects the media fans want, as they like it (tweets, videos, reviews,etc.), without you going to the trouble of putting it together. It expands your reach, and opens channels for you to directly engage your fans.




No one wants to miss out. Artists want people listening to their music every chance that they have. Fans want to be a part of everything – live streamed shows, the latest releases, big news, etc. OneAvenue.Tv brings the two sides together.


Download OneAvenue.Tv from the App Store to improve your life as a fan, or learn more about how artists and fans can connect at


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