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One2OneResearch.comOne2OneResearch is an initiative which brings together information professionals and information seekers. The latter can request the services of the former and procure market information this way.

Such a solution benefits those on the lookout for information as they can get what they want either for free or by paying a nominal fee, while research professionals and companies have access to a ready market where they can place their products.

The full scope of information that can be accessed through the site includes not only investment advice and resources but also research papers and theses alongside general market information. By way of example, the featured research reports deal with issues such as financial services, advertising & marketing, green technologies and telecommunication.

As a conclusion, it is not inaccurate to define One2OneResearch as an open marketplace where information and knowledge are traded along with ideas. If you are in a position where others could benefit from you insight, or you could benefit from the insight provided by others, you might find the site worth checking out. In Their Own Words

“One2OneResearch is a unique online portal that brings together information professionals and information seekers. we offer a simple, fast, and reliable means to find free as well as reasonably priced information, and qualified research professionals for customized research queries — all within budget. The site caters to anyone who is seeking information for his or her business, investment, research paper, thesis, projects, or other general information. While information seekers benefit from getting access to a host of research services at an affordable cost, research professionals — independent researchers as well as research & consulting companies — benefit from gaining access to a number of tools through which they can offer and promote their products & services.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a true marketplace where insight and knowledge can be traded, in a context that benefits all participants.

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How much does a premium membership to the site cost? What are its advantages?