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Onavo.comiPhone users who have a data plan could hardly fail to be impressed by this new application – it is a money saver in every sense. Onavo can be had for free, and it can be employed to shrink the amount of data that is processed when using the iPhone (and the bills that are to be paid in due turn).


Onavo will take care of compressing all the data that you are handling on its very own servers, and (something that is more than remarkable) is that the speed at which your iPhone operates is not going to be affected in any way or the other. You will be able to navigate the Web, send emails, tweet updates, access maps… all that you used to do before will still be performable at the very same speed.

A service like Onavo will appeal to mostly anybody for the simple reason that A) It is highly-effective, and B) The app costs nothing. Both home users and those who are abroad will benefit to it. I am specially thinking about the latter – this application will put an end to these ridiculously-high data plans we all have had the displeasure of buying at one time or another in the past. In Their Own Words

Save money on your mobile data.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is free, and it lets people save a lot of money on something as vital as their data plans. It has everything going for it.

Some Questions About

Are there comparable apps for those who have a Blackberry or an Android phone?

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