– Mix Video Clips to Create Your Own

Omnisio.comThose without the time, patience, inspiration, or equipment to capture their own video footage can still get their inner YouTube director on at

On this site, users can chop segments from web videos, stitching the clips together into a new flick. The site currently supports YouTube, Google, and videos. You simply provide Omnisio with the URL for a video, slide the indicators to show where you’d like each clip to begin and end, and repeat the process for as many videos as you’d like to extract clips from. Your resulting video is embeddable just like a YouTube video, but unlike on YouTube, you or your friends can make comments directly on the video, where they will show up as pop-up bubbles. For “select partnes,” also offers the ability to integrate your video with PowerPoint slides, giving Omnisio videos the potential for use as a professional tool. The special partners can also tag people appearing in a video or add tags to highlight important content or events. Viewers can then use the tags to skip to a particular highlight or a specific person’s appearance. In Their Own Words

“Omnisio lets you select clips from videos you find on YouTube and other video sites, and easily post them on your profile page or blog. Even better, you and your friends can add comments directly in the video!

With Omnisio you make and share your own shows by assembling clips from different videos. Are you a sports fan and think you can do better than SportsCenter? Create your own sports show by combining the best sports highlights you can find. Are you a fashion guru? Create a fashion show with clips showing the latest fashions worn by celebrities – you can even add your own commentary.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is easy to use and provides a creative outlet for people who’d like to make videos but don’t have the inclination or ability to capture their own original footage. It’s easy to imagine lots of interest in creating video compilations to be shared on a blog, MySpace page, etc.

Some Questions About

Why can you set your clip to end at any point in a video, but are only given the option of choosing your starting point in eight second increments? Wouldn’t users like to download their video creation, rather than being limited to the embedding option? Will the advanced options like tagging and adding slides be available to the public in the future?