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Omnea.comA service that makes shopping for items online a lot easier, Omnea lets you organize all these products you’re interested in, and compare them using a neat interface. Using Omnea, you can add items one by one using a bookmarklet, and you can bring as many different products as you want into the same page. The idea is to let you quickly realize which is cheaper, and which is fitter for the purpose you have in mind.


Omnea is built around the concept of “Catalogs”. These are where all the items you’re thinking of buying go. You can have one for gift ideas, another for items you have to buy for your home, yet another for items you’ll need for your next travel… All in all, Omnea has got a product engine that supports over 50 million products. Stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Best Buy are actively supported, so if what you’re thinking of buying is any kind of general interest item then it’ll be there.

As a service, Omnea is completely free. You can install the “Add To Catalog” button in seconds, and begin storing all the items you see from that point onwards in a single click. In Their Own Words

Online shopping just got easier! Easily Organize, Compare & Get Feedback about the product you want.

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Can you share all of your catalogs on a site like Facebook or Twitter if that’s what you want?

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