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OMGWire.comThe OMG Wire is a forum for all those who are keen pop culture. It is the perfect destination for those who want to become connected with people who are as passionate as they are when it comes to music, movies, TV shows, fashion trends and technology.

Things will be instantly familiar for those of you who have used a forum before, as you will be greeted with the posts for the day upon landing on the homepage, whereas the main categories (IE, the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph) will be listed underneath for you to focus on the one that you are truly enthusiastic about.

You can also search and sort threads based on how much activity they have seen, the number of times they have been viewed, the actual ratings they have received… in short: all the usual options for interacting with content in forums.

Registration obviously comes at no cost, and it is over in a minute or two. Once it is done, you can start interacting with others to the full and begin satisfying your craving for all things pop culture in a setting where only people as passionate as you are found. In Their Own Words

The Internet’s first pop culture forum.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way for pop culture lovers to connect directly with like-minded individuals, and exchange insight, comments and jokes.

Some Questions About

Can users of the forum upload videos when posting their own thoughts?