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Ologeez.stanford.eduOlogeez is a new website just launched to connect academic professionals and scholars together so that a network of information is created within the fields of science, engineering, mathematics and business. Ologeez (pronounced ah-lo-geez) comes from the Greek root Ology, which refers to every branch of learning and truly characterizes the philosophy of this site.


Professionals can share knowledge and learn from each other through papers, networked groups and citation recommendations to achieve the goal of successfully collaborating with others in the same field. There’s a system in place to create and manage your WikiGroups, keep track of colleagues and rate others’ papers. Ologeez uses a PubMed interface, providing its users with a more specific search experience and allowing resources greater categorical tags and more relevancy. Submit your papers, organize them into useful libraries and discuss topics in a social environment. In Their Own Words

“More than just an online productivity suite, Ologeez has the ambitious goal to change and improve how research and collaboration is done.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Designed by scholars and made for scholars, Ologeez is an innovative website for you to organize your information succinctly and for you to share information with like-minded individuals. It clearly explains how to use it effectively and offers a tab where you can keep track of all of your WikiGroups and filters the news you are most interested in. However, the creators warn its users about how the Beta was just launched and therefore may have bugs not quite worked out yet.

Some Questions About

How successful is Ologeez at this time? Are many bugs being reported and is Ologeez able to correct them? How can students be incorporated in the learning process on Ologeez?

Author : Caroline Bright

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