Rethinking Perfumes, OLIO de Luxe Offers A Solution That Makes Scents

No matter how enthralling the bouquet, there’s a lot about brand name designer perfumes that stinks – chemicals that cause allergic reactions like headaches, coughing, wheezing, and contact dermatitis; animals used for testing; and pocket-emptying prices for goods with a shelf life of 24 to 36 months.


OLIO de Luxe will make you rethink how you stock your vanity with their new line of “socially-conscious perfume oil fragrances that strike the perfect balance between innovation, affordability, and quality.”


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100% alcohol-free, the company’s perfume oils don’t evaporate or lose their scent no matter how long you store them. With just one application, depending on a few personal factors, fragrances last 6 to 12 hours.


Since the product line is up to 90% perfume oil-based, none of the perfumes for either men or women contain irritating chemicals. And, OLIO de Luxe is adamantly opposed to animal testing, which makes their fragrances cruelty free.


“It’s actually really difficult finding a high-quality, natural perfume that won’t break the bank, and most national brands aren’t worth the value on the price tag,” OLIO de Luxe Founder Vincent Paul Fiola explained. “Customers have been unwittingly paying more for the company’s fancy packaging, marketing, and overhead costs than for the actual perfume inside the bottles. We’re changing all of that.”


Ready to hold your nose? In reality, for the average $100 bottle of perfume, only 2% of costs go into the actual perfume!



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With OLIO de Luxe, you save dollars on scents. And, unlike the bottles of most high-end fragrances that are too large and fragile to transport easily, OLIO de Luxe products come in compact packaging that is practical for use at home or on the go.


The innovation behind these fragrances is even more remarkable when you take into account the hard-knock story that led to Fiola creating the company. In 2014, Fiola found himself stranded in Dallas after having had to close his retail stores in Canada and then being defrauded of a large sum of money from a supposed potential investor.


Looking to maintain his dignity and to continue projecting an outward image of success, which he knew was crucial to rebounding, he found himself short of the dough for even an average quality perfume. Relying on a few sprays from the bottle of his friend who’d also been kind enough to put him up, Fiola had his lightbulb moment to create a line of high-quality perfume oil fragrances at sane prices.


To complete Fiola’s triumphant comeback, OLIO de Luxe has just launched a Kickstarter campaign. Backers can receive fragrance packages as well as exclusive merchandise, starting at a $25 pledge level. For more information on their products and crowdfunding rewards, the OLIO de Luxe team invites you to visit their Kickstarter page here.


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