KillerStartups – 50’s and 60’s content

Oldfortyfives.comThis site is devoted to collecting and offering 50’s and 60’s US memorabilia content: music, movies, tv shows, fashion and history. The site privileges classic rock themes, and has its own point of view of rock history and it’s early development.

There are available listings of the top songs and hits per year, ranging from 55 to 69, and other statistics and general information, like the unemployment rate or the cost of a first class stamp in mid-century America. The site aims to honor all-american tradition and pop culture by collecting stuff related to it: fads, fashion, slang, vintage pictures, music, history, trivia and games. Also, there are several slide presentations on nostalgic issues, like one presenting Burma Shave ad campaigns which shows how product packages used to look like, and some iconic everyday stuff that has since disappeared, like comic strips, hairdos or shoe models.

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