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OkShr.comA service that’s provided at no cost, OkShr can track how visitors are relating to your content. OkShr can create a heatmap highlighting exactly where and when people are clicking, for you to take into account whenever you’re redesigning your site, and moving things around. This service is available just by providing the URL of your site, and an email address where you’ll receive a unique link to track clicks from visitors.


Of course, if you want to enter the URL of any of your competitors to try and work out why they’re selling more than you then that can also be done. The process is exactly the same, and everything works equally fast.

While it’s not as versatile as user testing services such as YouEye, Verify and TryMyUI, and it doesn’t provide you with as much data, OkShr is quite powerful in itself. And it’s certainly very useful. If you’re just getting started, it’ll let you have some very good understanding of how people are finding their way across your site, without giving you more data that you could handle. In Their Own Words

Free click tracking heatmap service.

Some Questions About

How will this service evolve? Will some paid features be added, or is OkShr remaining essentially free?

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