OhYouGotMe.com – People To Chat With Where You Live

OhYouGotMe.comOh You Got Me is a new communication platform. Its users are enabled to pinpoint their location, and then be connected with people who are close.

All you need for the connection to be carried through is having a microphone, a webcam and a Flash-enabled browser. If you do, then you can proceed to localize yourself, see who is near and start chatting away with the one(s) who catch your eye for any reason or the other.

Ultimately, a platform like this is quite suitable in the sense that connecting with someone who is located near means you will always have more things to talk about than with someone who is in a faraway country. And that is not even mentioning that if you strike up a nice conversation you will always be able to meet him/her in real life. That is not possible if the other person lives half the world away. Well, I know, it is possible but just too complex for its own good. No need to complicate something which is already complicated, right?

OhYouGotMe.com In Their Own Words

A place where people around the world can find their partners online based on their current location.

Why OhYouGotMe.com It Might Be A Killer

Because it will let you find somebody to socialize with as close to where you live as you might possibly want.

Some Questions About OhYouGotMe.com

How is the behavior of users monitored? OhYouGotMe.com