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OhMyGoog.comNowadays we see Google more than we see our own face in the mirror or even the sun for that matter. That being the case, it’s about time that we can add some personal style to our Google search page.


The days of that boring white screen are over and with everyone can personalize the beloved Google webpage. It is relatively simple to use OhMyGoog as users can include gadgets and change the wallpaper and color schemes. To change the wallpaper you can copy and paste a link from the web. It is easy to use photos from your favorite site or an online photo album. For the color scheme there are two options: default and theme. The options are not very exciting but any change is good as far as spicing up a plain white page. The gadgets can be included with the Google personalize options and include Gmail inbox, clock, weather, horoscopes, etc. When all of the personalization is completed, the search bar and regular Google options are places in the top left corner of the page and it is ready to go! In Their Own Words

“But why? Because I go Google often whenever I need to search for something from the internet. But I found it looks too boring. Even the new iGoogle, doesn’t it just another Yahoo clone? So I decided to create my own customize google search engine, with style, my style, just like my desktop, with my favorite wallpaper and drag and drop gadgets.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The amount of time we spend on Google search is absurd but it will not diminish any time soon, so we might as well jazz it up for free.

Some Questions About

The customization options are rather limited, are the plans for more options in the near future?

Author : Bruce Turner

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