Oh la la! Will Ulli be excitingly new, or predictably annoying?

Ulli from Biggerpan is – allegedly – the world’s first internet browser that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to complete internet searches. The future, as they say, is finally here. Maybe.

Why we love it

Okay, so this might be a little bit confusing, but essentially, software developers Biggerpan (who you probably haven’t heard of) are the brains behind Ulli (which you definitely haven’t heard of), a new web browser that lets users take advantage of AI technology to make surfing the internet quicker and easier than ever before.

Built for mobile, Ulli makes use of predictive AI to help web fans with all their daily internet requests. As far as we can tell the platform performs similarly to a supremely gifted ‘eye-spy’ player, accurately guessing what you’ll want to look for based on your most recent searches.

The appeal of Ulli is simple: people are lazy. We like it when things perform actions with other things so that we, in turn, can enjoy the luxury of doing fewer, or no things. If the internet ever develops telepathic powers we’ll barely have to think anymore – just imagine what a supremely brilliant day that would be. Any move to try and improve the browsing experience of mobile users is a smart one – Google has already recognized that more people are searching for things via their smartphones than their desktop computers.

There is one thing that makes us question just how effective Ulli will be. That thing is autocorrect. The predictive power of autocorrect – often guessing what you want to say – leaves much to be desired. Like a booze-addled soothsayer, autocorrect has successfully frustrated mobile phone users for years. If Ulli is similarly effective then all we’ll see is a rise in the number of people complaining about their mobile browsers on Twitter.

So, fingers crossed that Ulli will not turn into a predictive text / autocorrect nightmare – otherwise it’s going to be back to manual searching for the lot of us.


With its revolutionary ambitions, it’s not surprising that web browser @biggerpan is rated as one of the best French startups of this year