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oGoG.orgOgOg, the new meritocracy launched last May by The LogiLogi Foundation creates a rating, voting, and ranking system that is all about the blog. Blogs will be displayed via an RSS feed and from there, people can vote for your blog entry based on merit.


If your blog is getting tons of good points, your voting power will be increased too. This, meaning that the votes you place on other blogs will carry more weight. Since OgOg is adaptable to other sites’ API, you can carry your OpenID and your voting power onto other websites. To add your blog or a blog you like to the site, you can simply add the URL into their database. In Their Own Words

OgOg is a meritocracy that is all about your blog. You can rate articles from RSS-feeds and receive extra voting power when your own posts are rated well. And is yours too! On, you can rate RSS posts and receive good rankings and extra voting power when your own posts are rated as being good. You can carry your user-ranking and voting power over to other sites via OgOg’s API (and your OpenID).

Why It Might Be A Killer

OgOg is taking the power of RSS and meritocracy in an effective way. Now that we can adapt blog entries into simpler syndication, OgOg helps you discover and keep track of all of your favorite blogs, and promote your own, with this tool.

Some Questions About

In their demo, will they simplify their voting power explanation? It seems a little tricky. Will they organize their homepage better?

Author : Irene Davids

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