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Ofuz.comOfuz is a platform that is aimed at small business owners that intend to better-manage their time and contacts. Basically, it makes for bringing contacts together no matter where they are located across the WWW.


New customers and prospects are added in an intuitive way, as people who contact you through your site or through e-mail will become contacts in Ofuz. Likewise, when you e-mail anybody that person will become a contact.

As you can see, the idea is to provide you with a platform that will let busy ones not lose a single second and get contacts and connections in place with a minimum of fuss.

For its part, collaborators (“Co-users” in the site’s parlance) are added by inviting them through Ofuz. You will then choose which projects you want to share with him or her.

Three plans are currently available, with a free one that will let you learn more about the system in person and a moderately-priced one that already has unlimited projects, users and invoices, but which is limited to 1,000 contacts. The final plan (the most expensive of the three) also makes for unlimited projects, users and invoices but it can support up to 50,000 contacts. In Their Own Words

“The goal of Ofuz is to simplify the task of managing your contacts and related duties by means of our innovative collaboration features.

Ofuz is designed for small businesses. We made it very simple to use and quick to learn. If you already use Email and Facebook, Ofuz will feel like a natural progression.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Handling leads becomes considerable easier through a service like this one, as it automates something that in the end takes up a sizable amount of time. And as an application, Ofuz is user-centric like Facebook or Linkedin. With one Ofuz account you can work with multiple co-workers or companies and share only the contacts and the projects you want.

Some Questions About

Can this service be integrated with any e-mail provider whatsoever?

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