– Web-Based Time Tracking Tool

OfficeTimeSheets.comEmployees dread it, admin doesn’t want to bother with it, but accounts payable makes a living off of it. It’s the office timesheet.

They’re a minor annoyance, but they make the office go round. Now there’s another offering in the timesheet solution arena aptly titled Office Timesheets. Office Timesheets is a web-based employee time tracking tool especially designed for project-driven organizations. Engineers or architects would do well with this software. In addition time tracking and expense recording, Office Timesheets offers customreporting, rate tables, Quickbooks and Microsoft Office integration and it’s accessible from anywhere. You can opt for a free trial or choose from their range of products. In Their Own Words

“Powerful, affordable, easy-to-use, anytime, anywhere, web-based time and expense tracking software…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Office Timesheets provides a web-based solution to tracking employee time. It’s easily accessible, doesn’t require any messy software setup and offers integration with Office and Quickbooks.

Some Questions About

Will users want to pay for this service? How will it fare among the competiton? What does it offer above everyone else?