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OfficeRave.comThere is no need for office work to be something tedious and mind-numbing, as this new social site amply proves. It basically lets workers from all over the world connect with each other, and narrate their office-related experiences. If something funny has happened to them there, then they will be able to share the fun with just everybody else. And if what they are sharing is something negative, then they will get the support of a worldwide community of users whose different views on life and existence will no doubt let them chalk it down to experience that more easily.

Besides, the site comes complete with content such as games and user-submitted content such as photos and images. There are just lots and lots of things to do on this site – just give it a try. You are bound to find something to let you think of office work in a more favorable way, and one that will surely let you start the working week more enthusiastically once the weekend has come and gone. In Their Own Words

Online community for office workers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let office workers connect with each other, and have the kind of fun that can make them love what they do for a living more.

Some Questions About

Are there other online communities which are comparable to this one? Which is more appealing to the average user?