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OfficeLeaks.comA site that is very easy to relate to, OfficeLeaks lets employees discuss their workplaces in an anonymous way. On OfficeLeaks, people can speak about all these things that are wrong and unfair about the organizations they are employed at, without fear of being reprimanded or fired for doing so.


Just anything can be discussed on the site – the way people dress, the way bosses are looking at their employees down their noses, what a pittance is being paid by multi-corporations… and in all cases, threads are open. People who work at a different company from the one the original contributor works on will be able to give their very own insight on whatever is being said.

All the companies that are part of the OfficeLeaks database can be accessed alphabetically, and the ones that have been added to the database more recently are highlighted. If you spot the name of any company that you worked at in the past (and left in a sulk) then you will be able to see if things have changed, or if the song remains the same indeed. In Their Own Words

Union 2.0, now with anonymity.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a safe and secure way for employees to speak up, without fear of anything bad happening to them for doing so.

Some Questions About

Based on what is posted on the site, which companies are the worst (and the best) to work for?

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