– A Platform For Social Monetization

Offerwall.comIt is not really that surprising to see platforms like Offerwall materialize, since social gaming is reaching an all-time high that might radically redefine the way people spend leisure time online. Platforms like Offerwall (an initiative that has been started by Boomerang Networks) are there to ensure that the payment of in-game goods is both straightforward and secure.

But in this particular there is more to it than that, since users have a ready chance to review and rate different virtual currency offers. Think of it as a social feedback system and you will get the idea.

Coming back to the ability to make payments, Offerwall accounts for direct methods such as mobile and card transactions, whereas 3rd party affiliate offers are also available for developers that want to engage players of their titles like that.

For its part, advertisers are catered for in the relevant part of the site, and they can choose from programs such as Cost per Action and Cost per Install. They will likewise be enabled to target their advertisements by age and sex. Comprehensive reporting is provided in each and every case, with the information being broken down both demographically and by country. In Their Own Words

“Offerwall is an innovative alternative payments platform which combines convenient direct payment methods (mobile, card, ePayments) with enticing CPA based offers to provide a comprehensive end-to-end monetization solution – enabling your users to pay directly or monetize via 3rd party affiliate offers.

Offerwall is also the only monetization platform to incorporate social feedback, user reviews and audience preferences to optimize our proprietary ad targeting algorithms. This ensures that your users are served the most relevant offers available for a high quality user experience.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Giving users the chance to comment and rate currencies will no doubt lead to a more immersive experience on the whole.

Some Questions About

Which countries are actually supported? Which ones are going to be supported next?