– An Automatic Way To Save When Shopping

Offermatic.comOffermatic is a new system that aims to make the process of looking up suitable bargains when shopping something entirely automatic. How is that possible? Well, at its most basic level Offermatic works by having you register your credit and debit card numbers.

Once you have done so, the system will look at these things that you have bought recently and then proceed to reel off a list of items that you might like to buy. Not only that, the offers that are put your way are truly that since they come with discounts amounting to as much as 90 %. That is, in an optimal scenario. Typical discounts stand at 40 % or 50 % off the recommended retail price.

The company makes it very clear that they are not collecting personal data such as your name or address, and that they are actually using the same encryption standards as world-renowned financial institutions. I felt that had to be mentioned if only because it might be one of the main deterrents for people to use this service – disclosing credit card information is never done willingly. Changing that frame of mind is quite difficult. If the company manages to do it, I think it has an interesting future lying ahead. In Their Own Words

“Use your credit or debit card to save (and make) money.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is worth a look if only because it completely automates the process of shopping for bargains.

Some Questions About

Will people take to it? Will they disclose their credit card numbers so easily?