– A Way To Stay At A Luxurious Suite

OffAndAway.comWho wouldn’t like to stay at one of these suites we see in movies like “The Hangover”? Alas, who could pay the cost? Well, while there is life there is hope. And there are also sites like this one.

We could define Off & Away as a marketplace where anybody can bid for a stay at a suite of these that fall in the jaw-dropping category and (if the person is lucky) he will win the auction at a low price. And if he is not, he is still getting the suite at a price that is nowhere as exorbitant as the one that is charged regularly.

The site offers auctions in real time, and the basic concept of “the highest bidder when the auction ends wins” is the one that applies. In order to bid, you will have to buy a bid package. All auctions start at $ 0, and a “no reserve” model applies in each and every case.

Once you have won, the booking itself must be made within the following 24 hours. And if you were outbid, you can apply up to 110% of the bids that you used in order to try and get another room. In Their Own Words

“Luxury hotel prices. Unheard of prices.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Who wouldn’t want to stay at a first-rate suite at least once? This site makes that something feasible to a considerable degree.

Some Questions About

How much is a bid pack worth?