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Ocdr.com is an online database with court records which can be retrieved on demand by each user. In a system of common law as opposed to civil law, where decisions of courts are the main legal sources, you will find this site very useful if you are a law professional. Because decisions made by higher courts are binding for the lower ones, lawyers always need to know about previous decisions in similar cases to the ones in which they are working at any given period.

At Odcr.com, you will find different search options according to the information you have on the case you are looking for. By default, the search engine lets you do that by looking up the name of the plaintiff and the defendant. But if you need to look up a case by judge or attorney, just select the “All parties” option to include them all. Plus, it is also possible to make searches by court or by case number. The date range fields will narrow your search results if you happen to have some idea of the case’s date. And you can also choose the type of case, from civil issues to criminal or tax related matters.

The database offered by Ocdr.com retrieves the information from computer systems of the participating courts. Therefore, the information you will be able to find will go back as far as the date in which each court began using computerized databases. Different courts have started at different times, so there is no defined period as from when the database holds information. It will depend on which court you look. And not all of them may have entered previous cases to their computer systems. So a bit of attention must be given to this detail, because you may need to visit some of the courts in person.

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Odcr.com In Their Own Words

The data contained on this website is generated from computerized records maintained by the District Court Clerk in each county listed on this web site. These records are provided as a public service to the customers of the respective Court Clerk.

Why Odcr.com It Might Be A Killer

Odcr.com helps creating a fairer legal system for everybody by providing valuable information for professionals in this area.

Some Questions About Odcr.com

Not all courts are part of the database offered by the site. Does Odcr.com works to add the ones not included?