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NYsportSPACE.comIt’s a site for New York Area Sports fans to connect with each other and share opinions. The site has partnerships with all of the opinionated blogs that cover all of New Yorks Major sports teams.


Because NY has at least two teams for each of the 4 major sports, most people that like a certain team (say Yankees) hate the other team (say Mets). In this site you will find thousands of videos and photos as well as forums were all the members participate. The only thing you have to do is signing up and leave comments of the videos or photos of your favorite NY team. In Their Own Words

“Contribute your opinions in the forums and post your latest feelings in blogs that will be featured on the main page here. This site will be constantly undergoing maintenance so I encourage everyone and anyone to send me a message or email with any feedback.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

New York has the most passionate sports fans in the world and it is a place where they can centralize and share opinions, thoughts, rumors, blogs, videos, tickets, sports bars, and more with each other. All of the members’ blogs and forum contributions are featured on the main page. Unlike all of the other New York area sports websites and blogs that focus on one specific team, this site encompasses the entire city. It is no holds barred.

Some Questions About

What differentiates this site with other social networking platforms? Will it be too raunchy for some users? Will it be interesting enough for people to continuously return to the site?


Author : Bill Webb

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