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Nuvixa.comHow far can the way in which people communicate with each other using online video be taken? The answer is really further ahead. At least, that is the impression one is left with after reading what this company does (and intends to do).

Nuvixa specializes in the development of online video platforms that make for a much larger degree of involvement and personalization. Its first product goes by the name of Stage Presence, and it basically can embed the person who is presenting any product into the actual presentation. That is, Stage Presence can fuse everything – the person introducing the product and the product being introduced become placed in the same level, and communication takes on a far more human touch as a result.

An early version of Stage Presence can already be downloaded on the site, absolutely for free. And if you are wondering exactly how the above translates into practice then you might as well head to YouTube and check out the channel belonging to Nuvixa. You will get to see everything in full swing there. In Their Own Words

Leveraging the latest in depth camera technologies, as well as its own industry-leading computer vision and video processing expertise, Nuvixa seeks to change the way people communicate with video.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is one of the first platforms that explores the full potential of interactive videos this extensively.

Some Questions About

Which other products are to be released by the company?