– Unifying Email & Social Networking

NutshellMail.comIn these days in which interactions through social networks are standing side by side with email communications, the revised NutshellMail might as well stand as the one tool that brings these two together and lets you keep everything in track.

You see, this new revision of the popular universal inbox takes social networking fully into account, and enables you to access your social networking updates when checking your e-mail.

We could say that the email account becomes a sort of command center where everything is accessible at a glance, because a vivid snapshot of every interaction is provided. In that way, forgetting what you said to someone when socializing becomes a thing of the past.

The list of supported services includes Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. That is, all major social services of the day are taken into account, so that this new development will be already usable by most people who are an active part of the social web.

Using NutshellMail now it is possible to tweet out whenever you want, and you can also reply to any post on Facebook or Twitter directly, as action buttons are provided to these ends. In practice, that means you can wish somebody a happy birthday on Facebook and Twitter without even having to open your Facebook and/or Twitter client.

Note that if you don’t want to upload your NutshellMail account it is always possible to stick with the former one. It all depends on the uses that you give it, and the ones you intend to put it to. Personally, I find this new range of services so interesting and time-saving that I feel not checking them out at least once would be a mistake. In Their Own Words

“Take Control of Your Social Networks.

We Bring Facebook, Twitter & More Directly to Your Email Inbox.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is no reason why social networking and email should stand as separate entities. This new development showcases they can complement each other perfectly and naturally.

Some Questions About

Will other social networking sites be added sometime soon?