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Nutrax.comAre you having trouble maintaining a comfortable weight? Are you looking for support and convenience while still being encouraged to eat? Nutrax has a smart new solution that shares the fitness goals and responsibilities with dedicated members. This is not a get thin quick program – it’s about learning what a healthy lifestyle feels like and looks like as an individual.

The flashiest idea, the first of the basic three steps, is snapping a photo of every meal eaten and exercise done with a camera phone. The information is uploaded into the Nutrax program and becomes part of a concrete food diary that does not require remembering, lying or handwriting. When the food photos and information is in the program, the user immediately sees an analysis of their food, exercise and other important health statistics. In this step, Nutrax members can learn about what they are putting into their body and how these inputs continue to effect the rest of the body and lifestyle. The third step is planning goals to live a healthy life and find changes that can be made to improve the physical condition. At this point, health professionals come in to inform users how research applies to their lifestyle and diet, and they are available around the clock for support. In Their Own Words

“Many people from all over the world have worked with nutrax on the belief that people must have a convenient, simple, cost-effective way to monitor their nutrition. Through our efforts, we have the ability to be smart about the foods we eat every day.

At some point, we’d like to see nutritional intelligence become as routine as reading the paper or making the coffee. But until then we’ll stay focused on making nutrax the best it can be. And if you have any ideas, be sure to send us an email.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a lot of cool extra features that will draw in the laggers. Members of have access to a journaling tool, calendar with day view, phone counseling and special reminders. These extra features will keep members busy and interested in their progress and also help to organize a routine which really helps in getting a lifestyle under control.

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It is any easier to remember to take a photo of your food and upload it then it is to just write it down?